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Happy Birthday Tami!
by Andrea Fisher
shared on 08/13/2013
Greetings Everyone! Won’t you join us in wishing Tami Potter a very Happy Birth...
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MMDT Challenge #16 -...
by Tonnya Sayah
shared on 09/28/2013
This was take two on this set of pages. We were to be inspired by texture. My initial...
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Our Blessings
by Linda Holmes
shared on 11/06/2012
Our first challenge for November was to create a page showing what we are grateful fo...
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Kaylee is... Too Cute!
by Billi Glenn
shared on 03/04/2013
The assignment for the design team this time was to use the beautiful bamboo colored ...
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Design Challenge #2
by Beth Glass
shared on 01/24/2012
As soon as I thought about this challenge, I knew that Iwanted to do a tribute to my ...
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Waimea Falls Park
by Paije Abplanalp
shared on 08/24/2011
Waimea Falls Park has got to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. The falls ...
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Aqua Man
by Nancy Sanders
shared on 06/11/2012
This was a fun assignment. I started thinking about my husband and what element he re...
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The Morse Mill Bridge
by Julie Oconnor
shared on 08/22/2013
MMDT #16 photo challenge inspired by texture. We were to choose a location of our cho...
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Fair St. Louis
by Julie Oconnor
shared on 07/21/2013
MMDTC #14 For this challenge we were to photo a series of images. Onmy pagesthere are...
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The Wonders of Venice
by Carla Palmer
shared on 01/14/2012
This was the first time Stan and I traveled abroad. I had at this time been taking ar...
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by Lori Hanson
shared on 05/07/2014
For our May Literature Project, we were to take inspiration from the book (or movie) ...
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Bey Warrior Bash
by Onwarrenwings
shared on 12/14/2013
We were the lucky recipients of a Bey Warrior Battle Bash from House Party. Korbin wa...
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Volunteer Park Seattle
by Paije Abplanalp
shared on 08/01/2011
Tom had an early morning assignment last Saturday, so we went and stayed the night fr...
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MMDD 3/13 Brothers
by Dale Hill
shared on 03/10/2013
The first challenge for March 2013 (#5) is to use MM Bamboo Grid paper with Page Patt...
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How Are They Alike?
by Linda Holmes
shared on 06/21/2012
Our second challenge for June included using granite grid paper and MM pattern 23, wh...
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Favorite Foods
by Janetimmekus
shared on 09/04/2014
Here is my take on "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"
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MMDT Challenge #17: ...
by Candy Spiegel
shared on 09/08/2013
Last year, on a whim, we decided to raise a couple of turkeys for the holidays. They ...
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And then there was P...
by Beth Glass
shared on 10/12/2014
After our wonderful cruise, we spent a fantastic week in Paris! This trip celebrated ...
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Summer 2012
by Sarah Lewis
shared on 07/18/2012
July's second design team challenge was to use a new Mosaic Moments page pattern, #60...
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Makin' a Splash
by Nancy Sanders
shared on 08/05/2012
Oh what fun the kids had when they got a pool! These are my grandkids with their aunt...
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by Sherriedevaleria
shared on 01/13/2014
So here I am force to be move to a new place again. And I admit that I do not like it...
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by Sunny Ramirez
shared on 03/06/2012
every decision i make,i think "how will this effect my kids"...lovin my kids
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