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DC Trip

Living so close to Washington DC I thought it was a shame that my children couldn't remember the last time we visited the Smithsonian Museums. I knew I had to put it on our summer schedule.

DC capitol bldg

DC landmark

One of the first buildings you see when driving into DC is the National Monument. (photo left) I have never actually taken the time to go inside but I am sure the view is amazing.

DC museum1

Of course there are so many museums to visit that we had to narrow it down to a few. I decided that the Museum of Natural History would be our first stop and main focus for this trip. (photo above right and below)

DC museum2

DC m-familyWe arrived early, before the museums opened, and were lucky enough to get a parking spot near by.

Before it opened it's doors, we took a few photos on the steps in front of the museum. Cole was so excited, it was a little difficult to get him to be still - even for a minute. (I took what I could get.)
DC m-lobby

Inside the Museum of Natural History - lobby area.

DC m Kevpjcole DC m-Krill

A large bottle of Krill caught Alexis' attention. Her prior studies were proving useful. She was able to point out... "this is what whales eat!"

DC m-alexisgems

DC m-alexis

DC m-cole .

DC m-dirt
Where else can you see samples of dirt from every state?

DC m-alexis,phone

Alexis was so excited about the dirt exhibit, she had to call her cousin Becky and tell her all about it.

DC m-twilightzone  
If there is an exhibit about space Alexis will find it.

DC m-glasses It seems every where we go they give us these fabulous glasses. The museum was showing Deep Sea 3-D. It was fun to be under the ocean without getting wet!


DC to S
After touring the Museum of Natural History we crossed the National Mall to the original Smithsonian building - known as "the castle".

DC smithsonian
I love the wonderful old buildings in DC. It is fun to look at all the architectural details.

DC castle-cole

Inside this castle are fun "pop culture" items - this pile of stuff was a prop used in the Night at the Museum - Battle of the Smithsonian.

DC c-AI desk

Unless you've been hiding under a rock - you have probably seen this desk. When AI upgraded to a four person desk this one became a display at the Smithsonian.

NEXT STOP - The Hirshhorn Museum

DC hirshorn

DC hirshorn2

Not quite as packed as the Museum of Natural History.

Kevin was kind - letting the girls explore while he kept Cole busy (going up and down the escalators.)

DC h-pj-wave

Paije is doing the wave.

DC H-alex-art

Alexis found a bright spot.

DC h-pj-art 

Paije - this looks familiar.

DC h-alex-art2 

famous lips

DC sisters cap

Can't go to DC without posing in front of the capitol.

DC Kev:cole  

and the National Monument.

DC waterboy

Be sure to take plenty of water with you when you go.

Shared by Tami Potter on March 26, 2012 | Memory Date: July 18, 2009
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Story Cheered By:
Tami - My favorite destination vacation is D.C. I've been there often and for various reasons: vacations, leadership seminars and visiting friends. Other than scrapbooking Mosaic Moments style, my passion is D.C. I love it because of the buildings and the history and the hustle-bustle. I've seen so many politicians on my trips. Some of my favorite spots are Mount Vernon, Ford's Theatre, The WWII memorial, Lincoln monument and of course the Smithsonian Museums. I usually buy a few books while I am there about Lincoln or Washington etc. I'ld love to go during cherry blossom bloom some day. Your photos really brought me back to my favorite place. Thanks for sharing them.
Posted By: Dale Hill  |  March 27, 2012 at 10:59 pm   
How brave to park and walk around to all those places and see so much...I lost all five of my kids when we were there in '06...cherry blossom time...Not a big city person. (it was the very nightmare I'd had about going!)
Posted By: Andrea Fisher  |  March 27, 2012 at 12:58 am   

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