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Looking for Spring in a Never Ending Winter-2014 Spring Scavenger Hunt

Spring Scavenger Hunt

Rumor has it that it’s spring. However around here, we’ve kept it hidden. It managed to pop out last week and for the better part of the day it was 50 degrees, sunny and breezy, yes, we enjoyed the brief appearance of spring before it snowed and rained and turned cold once again. During those fleeting hours I took a ramble around my yard and found a few new subjects to work with the Scavenger Hunt, but I have also relied on many photos I’ve taken in previous springs to complete this challenge.

As you may know the Scavenger Hunt List had twenty-five items on the list, after sorting and shooting my photos I have identified 17 items that I have and where there was a choice of tulips or daffodils, I had both in the yard and included both. Here’s what I found:


The Spring Scavenger Hunt

1.       Something Pink
2.     Something Baby Blue
3.     Something Yellow
4.     Something Lavender
5.     Tree buds
6.     New leaves
7.     Close up of crocus flowers
8.     Group of Daffodils or tulips
9.     A bee on a blossom 
10.    Sprouting plants
11.      Baskets
12.    Garden tools
13.    Flower pots
14.    Seed packets 
15.    Umbrella
16.    Strawberries
17.    Ducks

To find the items on the layout I have placed a ½ Corner Tile (Black) on each photo and used a china marker to write the corresponding number from the list with the photo. Some have more than one category. These are my small labels for the element option for this challenge. 

This layout was built on two 12" x 12" Palm Leaf Mosaic Moments Grid Papers.


On the bottom of page two I have a series of photos taken over several days of the Dogwoods in the front yard, from first budding to full bloom.  



As I was arranging the photos I thought I should add a little interest with some foam mounting tape to give some the photos a bit of a lift! 

I created a basket pocket to store the list and it is easily accessible near the top of page two.

 I began with cutting cardstock to fit over 2 blocks high by 3 blocks wide. I doubled it so I could fold it and added 1/8” to allow for a pocket. I trimmed ¼” away from the pocket flap so that my list would show above the edge but remain in the block space. For the side flaps I added the same 1/8” to accommodate the pocket and also ¼” to create a flap on each side.

Score all lines and trim away excess pieces. Fold and add tape to side flaps, attach to create pocket.

To make the basket front I began with 3/8” strips and ¼” strips cut from the same cardstock.  

The oatmeal cardstock already had a bit of a texture to it and I added Antique Linen Distress Ink to highlight and add shadows. 

Trim each of the 3/8” strips to extend past the pocket face, you want these to be able to wrap all the way around to the back where you will eventually secure them with glue dots.


The first strip will go along the bottom edge (I have used mini-glue dots to secure these strips. This also adds some space making weaving easier and a nice 3-D look) at each end then three ¼” uprights at the end and middle on top of the row.  Follow with the two uprights that go under the bottom row. Add the additional horizontal rows weaving in and out and space them evenly with the top row even with the top edge. Trim the uprights to ¼” and fold over to the inside, glue dot to secure. Score and wrap all the horizontals around to the back, secure, and tape to the grid paper.



I took the ink and went over all the basket slats again using a coloring tool, even getting into the gaps adding some shadows and depth. I finished by attaching a punched circle to the back of the list to make it easier to remove and replace. Insert the list to the pocket! 

The font used is PC Jenn Penn.

Page One:

Page Two:

All the photos with the exception of the flower pots on the deck are taken in my yard. More than half of the photos were taken this year. It would have been fun to discover more of the glories of spring had we not been in a perpetual winter this year. However, those special moments are still to be found out there, I hope the Design Team has given you some ideas of what to look for and I know we'd  love to see what you've come up with on your own Hunt! Put a page together and share with us!!

Thanks for dropping in for a look!


Shared by Andrea Fisher on April 7, 2014 | Memory Date: April 6, 2014
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