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Layed off!

They pulled us aside at work on Monday and told us the big wigs had decided to shut the plant down for the week before and the week of Thanksgiving. They were asking for four volunteers to work the 2 weeks and do some small projects around the plant. They were going by senority and I was 5th on the list. The 4 people before me all said they would work so unfortunately I will have to collect unemployment for the 2 weeks I am off. At least my health insurance will not be effected while I am off. We have a return date which is good, but, whos to say they wont call us and tell us not to come back until after the beginning of the year? Again, why worry about things that we can not control. Everything will happen the way it is supposed to. I really hope that when we return from the 2 weeks that there are more answers and decisions made on what is going to go on with the future of the company. The plant manager has jumped ship and the head of human resources has too. I guess if a new company comes in and they keep the plant running that is where they would more than likely make changes. Cant blame them for getting a jump start and finding something else before they get let go. It is hard to get motivated to go in and go all out when everyone is in such a negative mood and we know we are off for 2 weeks but know nothing else. Upper managemant is kinda walking around like nothing is going on and it is stressful. Just really hope that we have some sort of answers when we return.

Shared by Papatoland on November 7, 2012 | Memory Date: November 7, 2012
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