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2013 Design Team Cap...
by Julie Oconnor
shared on 11/04/2013
MMDT #21 assignment wasa scavenger hunt to photo the colors and textures of fall. The...
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2012 MMDT February C...
by Andrea Fisher
shared on 02/05/2012
THE INSIDE STORY HOWITCAMETOGETHER: I began with an idea to use the 2.125"...
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Easter Baskets 2012
by Nancy Sanders
shared on 02/04/2013
For this challenge we were to use page pattern 37 and brick grid paper. In looking th...
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by Lori Hanson
shared on 05/07/2014
For our May Literature Project, we were to take inspiration from the book (or movie) ...
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Table Rock Lake
by Julie Oconnor
shared on 08/10/2013
Design team photo challenge #15 featuring sandstone grid paper www.snapncrop.comWe we...
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A Fireworks Lover's ...
by Lori Hanson
shared on 03/21/2014
For the second March project, the MMDT members were to be inspired by the book "Hitch...
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ORANGE you glad I to...
by Paije Rodriguez
shared on 04/15/2012
In my media experimentation class the very first assignment I had to do was a photo ...
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Grateful for This
by Sarah Lewis
shared on 11/05/2012
November's first Design Team project was to document something we are grateful about....
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Grandpa is 86
by Ruth Palmer
shared on 04/27/2012
Grandpa is 86! Bob Andrews hosted a birthday celebration - held at the home of Gran...
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And then there was P...
by Beth Glass
shared on 10/12/2014
After our wonderful cruise, we spent a fantastic week in Paris! This trip celebrated ...
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Fairy Tale Pirate Ship
by Janetimmekus
shared on 02/11/2014
Seeing the Tall Ships transforms one back to the days of Swashbuckling Pirates and th...
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Angry Birds
by Sarah Lewis
shared on 06/25/2012
For the second June Design Team challenge, we were to use granite grid paper, Mosaic ...
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Family Reunion
by Tami Potter
shared on 02/08/2013
The past couple of family reunions have been sad ones. Our time together was spent la...
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MMDT November Challe...
by Beth Glass
shared on 11/23/2012
First, I apologize for my late submission. Owning a retail business at Thanksgiving &...
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MMDT #19 - Weaving
by Lori Hanson
shared on 10/06/2013
For this project the requirements were: Create a page that integrates a woven aspect...
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MMDT8 - Celebrating ...
by Diane Cook
shared on 04/23/2013
I briefly puzzled over our pop culture of the year/decade in which we were born topic...
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RSS - Thought I woul...
by Andrea Fisher
shared on 08/23/2012
Thought I would try something new...a new challenge and new colors...ones I haven't t...
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Challenge # 12-2013 ...
by Andrea Fisher
shared on 06/18/2013
Our Hearts are at Home I’m not sure if I’ve managed to capture the con...
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Terra Cotta Warriors
by Tami Potter
shared on 01/18/2012
When I heard that the Terra Cotta Warrior exhibit was coming to our area (Washington...
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Akiane Kramarik
by Diane Cook
shared on 03/21/2013
Once again I’m putting this together one the run. I told my husband that if we ...
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MMDT Challenge #3 Un...
by Heather Cartland
shared on 02/02/2013
Hi everyone! The first challenge for February was to use the February Feature Grid Pa...
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Vacation with family
by Donna Alberts
shared on 07/31/2013
My Grandsons step-father had cancer and they took a vacation up to Michigan upper pen...
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MMDT September Chall...
by Beth Glass
shared on 09/08/2012
For this challenge, we were asked to take photos of a collection. Although I have sev...
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Mr. Sancho's Cozumel...
by Debra Groh
shared on 05/07/2013
This is a layout of our day at Mr. Sancho's in Cozumel. We love going to Cozumel... t...
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Back Road Journeys
by Cindy Keller
shared on 05/23/2012
I can hardly believe it's been two monthssince I've written. Not sure what my problem...
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Childhood Memories w...
by Paije Abplanalp
shared on 08/01/2011
Childhood Memories with Laura One of my oldest and dearest friends recently mo...
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It's a Water-loving ...
by Linda Holmes
shared on 08/07/2012
I had already decided to submit a mosaic I did several years ago which fit the first ...
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Indian Mud Run
by Andrea Fisher
shared on 08/15/2014
Indian Mud Run The final challenge for this year’s Design Team was TEXTURE...
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MMDT #21: The Scaven...
by Lori Hanson
shared on 11/07/2013
This challenge was the Design Team's Captain's Challenge. Andrea sent us on a scaveng...
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Lists: Things I enjo...
by Andrea Fisher
shared on 06/26/2012
Things I enjoyed about the County Fair: 1.Competing. This was a family effort. The...
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My Day at CKC
by Tricia Tabar
shared on 11/12/2011
Iam here at CKC at Tami Potter's booth! I am so excited I got to meet my hero of scra...
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Of fruit and fishes
by Tina Catoe
shared on 01/06/2012
This artwork was completed in 2010 for the East Carolina University alumni show at Gr...
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Blizzard 2014
by Deemahn
shared on 01/13/2014
My name is Dianne Mahn, and I have been using mosaic moments for about 5-6 years. Ove...
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DC Trip
by Tami Potter
shared on 03/26/2012
Living so close to Washington DC I thought it was a shame that my children couldn't...
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2012 in Review
by Sarah Lewis
shared on 12/17/2012
December's second Design Team challenge was to create a year in review page. I sel...
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Home for the week
by Mitchell Potter
shared on 07/15/2012
I'm at home with Mom and we are trying to get things ready for the week. We've been g...
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Things I Love About ...
by Deborah White
shared on 10/02/2012
It's a little bit early for many falling leaves here in Ohio. And, I am booked solid ...
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Fairy Tales Can Come...
by Andrea Fisher
shared on 02/15/2014
There was a lot to be challenged by in this February Challenge-Be inspired by…...
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Happy Birthday Card
by Sarah Lewis
shared on 11/19/2012
November's second Design Team challenge was to use the RTC paper for a project. I cho...
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Canoeing the Allegash
by Tonnya Sayah
shared on 09/19/2012
During the last week of June & into the first week of July my husband and younges...
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Winnie the Pooh- You...
by Billi Glenn
shared on 02/15/2013
Challenge #4 for the design team was to create a layout using Walt Disney as inspirat...
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Where were you when ...
by Tami Potter
shared on 01/14/2012
Cole is 7 years + 4 months old and today he lost his first tooth. He told us the t...
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by Sunny Ramirez
shared on 03/05/2012
sometimes i wonder why ive made so many bad decisions in my life...i am the only one ...
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It's Official!
by Lisa Rock
shared on 02/28/2012
Cyrus is officially & permanently ours now. Tuesday morning, we went to court to ...
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Father and Sons Camp...
by Parri Brunson
shared on 08/01/2011
Gear was bought. Food was gathered. Bags were packed. Let the camping begin....
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