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by Tami Potter
shared on 02/25/2012
For the past month we have been struggling with some issues with our telecommunicatio...
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Be Inspired by Lewis...
by Andrea Fisher
shared on 06/29/2014
Well, as I think about this literary challenge for July, Alice In Wonderland, and how...
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Powell Gardens
by Linda Holmes
shared on 05/29/2012
For the end of May challenge, I used Sunflower grid paper and Pattern 13, which has 9...
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MMDT Challenge #3 Un...
by Heather Cartland
shared on 02/02/2013
Hi everyone! The first challenge for February was to use the February Feature Grid Pa...
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by Sarah Lewis
shared on 10/08/2012
October's first Design Team photo challenge was to put together a page that represent...
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My Beautiful Girl
by Tami Potter
shared on 07/23/2012
The photo on the page above has always been one of my favorites. As a mom, I want my ...
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Indoor Antics
by Linda Holmes
shared on 02/06/2012
Four of our grandchildren came to our home for New Year's Eve, 2011, for a party and ...
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Smile for the camera...
by Tami Potter
shared on 04/30/2012
I took Cole and Alexis to the JC Penny that opened in Williamsburg. I take a lot of ...
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MMDT 2013 #3
by Lori Hanson
shared on 02/06/2013
When we first got this challenge using the BRICK grid paper, I thought "oh good, red....
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by Lori Hanson
shared on 03/17/2013
I cannot tell you how excited I was for this challenge! For this challenge we were to...
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by Lori Hanson
shared on 01/26/2014
For the MMDT second project, we were to take inspiration fromHans Christian Andersen'...
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Friends at the park
by Donna Bossone
shared on 03/25/2012
A day at the park with friends, It's hard to believe these pictures were 8 long yea...
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Mud Run 2012
by Paije Abplanalp
shared on 06/04/2012
On to the Glory Days; They’re fit to run in mud Shannon said “Let’...
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Eric Carle Museum
by Tami Potter
shared on 11/17/2011
On our way home from Manchester New Hampshire, We stopped at the Eric Carle Museum of...
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Iraq - coloring book...
by Kathi Alexander
shared on 11/15/2013
While my daughter, Jamie, was stationed in Iraq, a friend of mine sent her a coloring...
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American Freedom Train
by Tami Potter
shared on 11/17/2011
I remember the thrill of getting to tour, on a Beaumont Grade School field trip, (aft...
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Seeing Paris from th...
by Beth Glass
shared on 10/12/2014
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SPA-tacular 10th Bir...
by Tami Potter
shared on 03/24/2012
To celebrate her very first decade, Iplanned a spa themed party for Alexis. It was a ...
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Easter Bunnies and B...
by Deborah White
shared on 01/30/2012
I had previously done a layout similar to this with an "Easter Basket" weav...
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The start of college...
by Brett Palmer
shared on 08/29/2011
I saw this picture the other day on, a byu fan message board and coul...
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King's Dominion 1988.
by Dale Hill
shared on 09/25/2012
This page shows my boys and their cousins at Kings Dominion. They were all so young. ...
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Getting organized!
by Melissa Fulgham
shared on 12/10/2013
So I decided to finally do something with all the paper scraps that I collect and ref...
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Childhood Memories o...
by Tami Potter
shared on 07/04/2012
ChildhoodMemories of the 4th of July Things my family did to celebrate Independenc...
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2012 MMDT March Chal...
by Andrea Fisher
shared on 03/12/2012
Greetings and welcome to a new Challenge! This challenge was: "It's a Beautif...
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Design Challenge #2
by Beth Glass
shared on 01/24/2012
As soon as I thought about this challenge, I knew that Iwanted to do a tribute to my ...
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Phoenix Arizona - Mo...
by Tami Potter
shared on 05/11/2012
While Kevin and Paije were working at a convention in Arizona, Itook the opportunity ...
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You Make Me Smile
by Nancy Sanders
shared on 06/04/2013
I was a little daunted by this challenge at first, but once I started working on it, ...
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by Julie Oconnor
shared on 06/20/2013
Photo Challenge #12 Take photos inspired by the alphabet. I was perplexed about this...
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Nursing School Gradu...
by Shannon Nixson
shared on 01/10/2013
Hi!! Thank you for stopping by and taking look at my work. Here is a layout I took f...
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Kegan Rocks
by Tina Catoe
shared on 01/06/2012
Kegan is my 5 year old grandson and is now in the Montessori kindergarden. At Christm...
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by Julie Oconnor
shared on 05/07/2013
Challenge #9 Forget Me Not Theme using periwinkle grid paper from Thep...
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A Few of My Favorite...
by Julie Oconnor
shared on 12/08/2013
MMDT Challenge #23 we were to make a mini album or explosion box. I've been pondering...
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Cars Kids
by Diane Cook
shared on 02/22/2013
My favorite Disney movie has to be Cars because of all the joy it brings to our grand...
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Club Volleyball 2011...
by Billi Glenn
shared on 09/29/2012
This is a few of the pages I made that star my teen, Sammi, playing club volleyball d...
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by Julie Oconnor
shared on 10/08/2013
MMDT Challenge #19 using page that integrates awoven aspect. Element options: patter...
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New Beginnings
by Cindy Stangle
shared on 01/09/2013
I decided to keep my on-line journal here, throughout the year of 2013 and see how it...
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Back Road Journeys
by Cindy Keller
shared on 05/23/2012
I can hardly believe it's been two monthssince I've written. Not sure what my problem...
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2012 MMDT December P...
by Andrea Fisher
shared on 12/17/2012
It’s been an amazing year and our final challenge for the year 2012 was to take...
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My Wonderland
by Melissa Fulgham
shared on 07/08/2014
For our latest design team challenge, we were to take inspiration from Lewis Carroll'...
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2012 MMDT February C...
by Andrea Fisher
shared on 02/05/2012
THE INSIDE STORY HOWITCAMETOGETHER: I began with an idea to use the 2.125"...
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Summer 2012
by Sarah Lewis
shared on 07/18/2012
July's second design team challenge was to use a new Mosaic Moments page pattern, #60...
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Happy Birthday Mom
by Beth Glass
shared on 04/23/2012
Our 2nd challenge for April was to use Raspberry paper, Mosaic Moments pattern #10 an...
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2012 MMDT December F...
by Andrea Fisher
shared on 12/04/2012
Page Pattern #26 Top BorderandMosaic style Pewter Mosaic Moments Grid Paper These w...
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MMDT Challenge #18: ...
by Candy Spiegel
shared on 10/06/2013
My daughter recently decided to run a 5K. I guess she saw pictures of the color run i...
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MMDT Challenge #17 -...
by Tonnya Sayah
shared on 09/28/2013
The theme for this page was to be Circles. We needed to use 2 of the following elemen...
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