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MMDT Challenge #12
by Tonnya Sayah
shared on 07/09/2013
Finally getting caught up. Sorry for the delay the end of June and beginning of July ...
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Challenge # 12-2013 ...
by Andrea Fisher
shared on 06/18/2013
Our Hearts are at Home I’m not sure if I’ve managed to capture the con...
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by Sarah Lewis
shared on 10/22/2012
October's second Design Team challenge was to use 8 1/2 x 11 grid paper to create a p...
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by Linda Holmes
shared on 10/23/2012
Our second challenge for October was to create a mostly mosaic style page on 8.5 x 11...
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Banana Splits!
by Andrea Fisher
shared on 03/19/2012
Spring arrived with the official opening of the local ice cream shop. It's been "...
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Letters to Isabella
by Andrea Fisher
shared on 05/08/2014
The Literary Inspiration for this Challenge came from Letters to Juliet. From the ver...
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Home for the week
by Mitchell Potter
shared on 07/15/2012
I'm at home with Mom and we are trying to get things ready for the week. We've been g...
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by Julie Oconnor
shared on 02/11/2014
Sorry thisposting for the page inspired by the snow queenis so late! I know the conte...
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2012 MMDT September ...
by Andrea Fisher
shared on 09/16/2012
Primary Colors The Challenge this time was to work with a page pattern of all 1" squa...
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Thanksgiving 2013
by Melissa Fulgham
shared on 12/01/2013
So on Thanksgiving day I challenged myself to finish this 2-pg spread that I put toge...
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Epcot Center
by Beth Rodriguez
shared on 12/31/2011
I used Tami's photo mosaic technique, my cricut for the coral and sea weed and 3D fis...
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Sweet Corn - A Memor...
by Tami Potter
shared on 10/19/2012
What are the first five "sweet corn" thoughts that come to your mind? My List: 1. ...
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Red, White & Blue
by Beth Glass
shared on 07/12/2012
When I read about this patriotic challenge, I immediately thought back to the Girl Sc...
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A hunting I did go...
by Melissa Fulgham
shared on 04/08/2014
Our first challenge for April was a spring scavenger hunt. We have all been hunting f...
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Dreaming of Spring
by Lori Hanson
shared on 04/09/2014
For the first April project, we did a Spring Scavenger Hunt. Well,here in Minnesota, ...
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by Sherriedevaleria
shared on 01/13/2014
So here I am force to be move to a new place again. And I admit that I do not like it...
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My surprise 50 B-Day...
by Basketballguy
shared on 01/07/2012
I turned 50 in 2011. Tami planned a surprise party for me using our church men's grou...
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ckc seattle
by Denise Hubbard
shared on 11/12/2011
Just joined Journella
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SPA-tacular 10th Bir...
by Tami Potter
shared on 03/24/2012
To celebrate her very first decade, Iplanned a spa themed party for Alexis. It was a ...
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Childhood Memories w...
by Paije Abplanalp
shared on 08/01/2011
Childhood Memories with Laura One of my oldest and dearest friends recently mo...
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James Taylor & Carol...
by Beth Glass
shared on 12/25/2011
As big fans of James Taylor and Carole King, we were so excited to learn that they wo...
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It's Not Easy Being ...
by Deborah White
shared on 05/09/2012
Green is NOT one of my favorite colors. I am pink girl to the core. But pink isn't on...
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MB loves Roy
by Sarah Lewis
shared on 02/19/2012
My daughter loves her horse! They are a great team, in and out of the performance are...
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Kitsap County Fair 2...
by Sarah Lewis
shared on 09/17/2012
September's second Design Team challenge was to create a page using only 1 inch squar...
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My Foodie Side
by Candy Spiegel
shared on 01/07/2014
I was asked to introduce myself in my first post for the Mosaic Moments Design Team b...
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Christmas Countdown
by Andrea Fisher
shared on 12/08/2011
First posted on my blog a few weeks ago, I offered the idea up to friends for an Adve...
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Design Team Submissi...
by Lori Hanson
shared on 10/31/2012
6 various layouts using Mosaic Moments techniques and papers. Enjoy!
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MMDT #23: Christmas ...
by Lori Hanson
shared on 12/08/2013
For this project, we were to make a mini album or an explosion box using the RTC grid...
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Looking for Spring i...
by Andrea Fisher
shared on 04/07/2014
Spring Scavenger Hunt Rumor has it that it’s spring. However around here, we&rs...
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MMDT 2013 #4
by Lori Hanson
shared on 02/20/2013
When we first got this challenge I was very excited. There are so many great Disney m...
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Adventures in the Bi...
by Tami Potter
shared on 11/17/2011
Kevin and Paije are in the Big Apple. We bought Paije tickets to see "Wicked" on B...
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2012 MMDT June Chall...
by Andrea Fisher
shared on 06/08/2012
2012 MMDT May Challenge #1-Photo Challenge-Elements of You I knew that Andre...
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My American Girl
by Deborah White
shared on 01/05/2012
For my second Design Team assignment, I used Page Pattern 29 - the Fifteen Page Spot ...
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Football Fever
by Nancy Sanders
shared on 02/04/2013
While I'm posting today I'll add this layout I did just for fun. My grandson is playi...
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2012 MMDT March Chal...
by Andrea Fisher
shared on 03/12/2012
Greetings and welcome to a new Challenge! This challenge was: "It's a Beautif...
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DANG Retired Officers
by Dcookwrites
shared on 11/20/2012
In this case, DANG is not a muttered frustration. Instead, it stands for Delaware Air...
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A Fireworks Lover's ...
by Lori Hanson
shared on 03/21/2014
For the second March project, the MMDT members were to be inspired by the book "Hitch...
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MMDT August Challeng...
by Beth Glass
shared on 08/07/2012
For the past few summers we have rented a beach house on the Outer Banks in North Car...
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by Donna Bossone
shared on 05/14/2012
FAMILY GAME NIGHT ! This is by far my most favorite page yet, it was so fun to photog...
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Summer Baseball
by Linda Holmes
shared on 07/20/2012
Our second challenge for July was to use navy grid paper and pattern #60. I chose to...
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The start of college...
by Brett Palmer
shared on 08/29/2011
I saw this picture the other day on, a byu fan message board and coul...
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Tennis Anyone?
by Nancy Sanders
shared on 08/06/2013
My stepdaughter is always looking for things the kids can do in the summer when schoo...
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Flowers, Feathers, F...
by Heather Cartland
shared on 01/05/2014
Welcome to 2014 everyone! Happy New Year! In this first challenge of 2014, we were to...
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MMDT July Challenge ...
by Beth Glass
shared on 07/24/2012
Eva Peron is an important part of Argentina's history. In fact, there is a whole muse...
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by Candy Spiegel
shared on 10/30/2012
Last year, during my recovery, Matt brought me up to his parents' house to help sight...
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