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Newness Comes With Spring

   Spring brought so many good changes with it for me this year. I am so thankful to be a "new" me! (Laughing) It really isn't so much a new me, as it is a new way of life and coping with the reality of it all. 

I am still writing, but I have become more organized with it. I was writing most of the day and evening, forgetting about the importance of other things within life. Forgetting about my dreams, desires and even friends. Putting everything in a cauldron with a lid on it... for a later time. Life doesn't really work like that. Does it?

      At one time, I worried about everyone and everything. I did not worry so much about "me". I gave as much as I could, except for giving time to others... of myself. I was too busy feeling lost and not really sure who I was any longer. Then, I found a book called "The Magic" by Rhonda Byrne. She wrote the book "Secrets" a few years ago. 

This book opened my eyes to being "grateful" for the things in my life. I then thought, "Maybe, it was too late to apply this into my life." After all, I had turned my back on so many things the past several years. Even my health was on a merry-go-round. One day I would feel fine and then the next... I was sick! My feelings, my life and what I really wanted to do with each new day of my life, was like a tornado that never touched ground, but only twirled within the sky of un-decisions

Through this time, I realized who was important in my life and those who had unconditional friendship to offer and yet.. I was still blinded to it all. Now, back to the book.

This book made me focus on all of the things I was grateful for. At first, it was not easy. I had a hard time finding things I was truly grateful for. Then as I struggled each day to add something to be grateful for (You had to list 10 things each morning.) I found it was becoming easier. Then of course, you had to say, "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you" after each grateful listing you had. The main thing was to be grateful and then saying "thank you" for the things you were grateful for. Sometimes, that is not so easy to do.

The funny thing was when I became thankful for a friend I had in my life something happened. I listed my gratitude for having them as a friend and saying thank you for that friendship... then I received total silence from them as if over night. What the heck! The book never said anything as to this sort of senerio happening. But, I think, being grateful also closes doors as well as opens them within your life. 

All in all, the book "The Magic" and applying what it was teaching did help and now I focus on what I want in my life and being ever so thankful for all that I have in it too. 

This year, I will finish my novel. I will work on moving to Eureka Springs. I will continue to read my spiritual readings and  I will be... just me and nothing more and nothing less.

I hope you have a wonderful Spring! 

Shared by Cindy Stangle on April 5, 2012 | Memory Date: April 5, 2012
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