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sometimes i wonder why ive made so many bad decisions in my life...i am the only one responsible for my actions.but i cant imagine making some of the horrible decisions you've made.i think youre were a bad leader,you mentally took our mother away from us,the verbel abuse,the shame of your crimes and actions has affected me with drugs  and extreme im in the calm of my life, and you had to come back from the dead.i dont understand why youre so demanding, and only ask me for favors.all of your drama and issues have slapp'd me in the face and i dont know how to take sad,depress'd and have a bad attitude.i cant be this person.i have a husband and children .and you dont seem to care.i feel bad for your living situation,but its your choice's that have lead you there.not mine! so frustrated.i wish my dad could know all these feelings.i tried to tell him and he just turns everything around,and he's the victom...uggghhhh,i just want peace and happiness.not only for my myself but my kids and husband my brother and sister...

Shared by Sunny Ramirez on March 5, 2012 | Memory Date: March 5, 2012
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Sunny, don't be bound to the past...leave it behind. Some people will never change. You are correct they have made their own choices. You make yours. Some people will never hear the truth, no matter what you say and yes, some will turn it around and blame others...always...they can't admit wrong doing, can't ask forgiveness, and you can't wait for them to be able to do that. Sometimes family is the hardest group of people to get along with. Move forward, enjoy the blessing you have. Your family is now that husband and children who need on them! I will pray you find that peace and happiness you seek!
Posted By: Andrea Fisher  |  March 7, 2012 at 5:44 pm   
thank you so much...
Posted By: Sunny Ramirez  |  March 6, 2012 at 1:16 pm   
Sunny - (such a bright and cheerful name.) We all make mistakes & bad decisions. Focus on those blessings you mentioned (husband and children.) You will find the peace and happiness you desire.
Posted By: Tami Potter  |  March 6, 2012 at 11:07 am   

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