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Sprinkles Anyone?


I made this fun cake for Halli's birthday party that we had this past week. It is a doughnut cake pan that I bought at Williams-Sonoma. William and Sonoma I just want to say, I LOVE YOU! I could spend hours in your store. For my birthday John took me out shopping for the day and I found some really fun things in there. In case any of you didn't know this about me already, I love kitchen gadgets. Here's what I found.....

This doughnut cake pan was so much fun to make. Easy too! My niece Bree pointed out that it reminded her of the Simpson's Movie.

I love garlic and use it all the time, so I was excited to find this dual purpose garlic press.

This Pancake Pen is so cool. The picture really doesn't give it justice. You can make any shape you like, truck, heart, crown, spell out a name, football helmet. Endless possibilities with this gadget.

We haven't tried out this cheese slicer yet, but I am sure it will meet my expectations.

Shared by Parri Brunson on August 1, 2011 | Memory Date: February 25, 2010
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