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Childhood Memories with Laura





Childhood Memories with Laura


One of my oldest and dearest friends recently moved to Italy. She came home during the Christmas holiday and I was so excited to spend some time with her. As kids we spent so much time at each other's homes that my parents used to jokingly call her Laura "Palmer". Laura grew up in a home on a beautiful saltwater beach in Silverdale and we spent hours upon hours in the woods making forts, swinging on rope swings her brothers made, and scouring the beach for geoducks and spider crabs. The latter of which we were both afraid of. We obtained countless cuts on our feet from the oyster bed that separated us from the adventures in the water beyond. We used to dance to her dad's record player upstairs and were both afraid (after dark) of the giant real moose head that hung there. We even used to run around the house in our "Under-roos" (some of you may remember them) Laura had Wonder Woman and I had Bat Girl. I was also never afraid of spiders or bees until Laura convinced me how utterly frightening they truly are. I am still to this day VERY afraid of spiders. My 5 yr old has to take care of them for me. We used to sing with a fake microphone to the 80's songs by the band Heart and make prank phone calls.(Sorry Mom) Once we even tried to use her dad's telescope to spy on some of our guy friends who were just down the beach at Ben's house. (Didn't work) Anyhow, over the break, I convinced Laura that we should go by her old home and get some pictures to go along with all my fun stories. She agreed and off we went. When we got there, I decided that we should probably ask permission from the homeowner so they didn't call the cops on us. (You know, 2 women in a minivan can really ramp up suspicions) Laura was too chicken to do it, so I said "I'll do it- I'm not afraid". (my heart was beating a little harder than ususal when I approached the door though.) We obtained permission and despite the terribly COLD and drizzly weather we took lots of pics from the outside. We MAY have actually put our camera up to some windows to shoot some of the inside as well, this is still under investigation. It was hard to believe that I hadn't been there for over 20 yrs., especially when I saw that it looked almost identical as it had then. Even the carpeting was still the same!

Shared by Paije Abplanalp on August 1, 2011 | Memory Date: January 11, 2010
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