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2013 Design Team Challenge # 9: Forget Me Not!!!

Hi All,

Thanks for stopping by to check out my work! I appreciate all of the positive comments and all of the cheers!

So, this challenge was to do a page that showed a "Forget Me Not" theme., using cornerstones, string  and/or doodles.  Something I wanted people to remember about me at this point in my life.

Well, let me start off by saying, my mother always told me I was a day late and a dime short!!!! The more I live, the more I know it's true!!!! I'm a late bloomer and have always found the "in stuff" after it was "out"!!!! True statement! Kinda like- I just finished reading and loving the whole Harry Potter Series!!!!

I learned how to hand sew many years ago when I was a Girl Scout and it ended there!

So, at this time in my life, I am learning to sew! I am having such a great time doing it that I wanted to document this journey. So without even knowing this challenge was coming, I took my camera, my real camera, not my iPhone! to class with me to take pictures of this time.  This particular class we were at JoAnne's learning about fabric, needles, thread, etc.  It was a fun class.

While at the store, I asked a classmate to snap a picture of me and she kinda laughed, and after I said I wanted to document this new journey, she got out her phone and took some pictures too!!!

Here is a a photo of me with the bright and colorful fabric I chose for my very first project- lounge pants!! Yeah, they are gonna be loud, but I love that material. Every time I see it-it makes me smile!

Yup, I'm a '70s baby!

The final layout- For my "string embellishment" I sewed around the picture!!! Isn't the measuring tape paper just darling?!?!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed it!

Shared by Shannon Nixson on May 2, 2013 | Memory Date: May 2, 2013
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Story Cheered By:
Love the measuring tape across the page!! And the buttons are darling. The whole page tells your story perfectly! Nice job!
Posted By: Lori Hanson  |  May 12, 2013 at 6:20 pm   
What's not to love about this layout and this ambition. I have a great sewing machine . . . buried deep in the throws of a room that desperately needs to be decluttered. That's on the agenda. Enjoy your journey with fabric. But consider this. You're actually on the leading edge of the fabric on scrapbook pages movement . . . so there!
Posted By: Diane Cook  |  May 7, 2013 at 4:05 pm   
This is great! And kudos to you for taking photos in the store!
Posted By: Candy Spiegel  |  May 7, 2013 at 2:28 am   
Shannon, love the layout! Really enjoyed the sewing around the matted photo. I'll have to try this sometime. Love the buttons!!! Buttons are one of my closet collections. When we go to crops our group tries to have matching shirts or jammies. You will find material is kinda like paper...addicting. Great job :)
Posted By: Julie Oconnor  |  May 7, 2013 at 1:46 am   
Great to hear you're learning to sew! That's SEW NICE!! And the use of the measuring tape across the page was a great idea!
Posted By: Nancy Sanders  |  May 5, 2013 at 10:23 pm   
Shannon! The more I learn about you, the more I think we are sistas! I have a collection of fabric...I never knew how to sew, but I loved fabric and just kept buying it to look at. A couple of years ago, a neighbor of mine offered to teach me to quilt. I'm not great at it and I don't have a lot of time for it, but it's been fun to put some of my stash to use! Also, your scrapbook paper...I used that same collection to make a sewing scrapbook for that same neighbor. Is it Cosmo Cricket?! Sew fun! Oh, and your page...simply delightful. You know I love that 70s fabric for your pants and you look so proud in that photo! Love the way your page resembles a quilt block. Great job!!
Posted By: Heather Cartland  |  May 5, 2013 at 2:27 am   
The fabric you chose for your lounge pants - fabulously fun! I love that shot of you - and love that you were brave/creative enough to ask someone to take it!
Posted By: Tami Potter  |  May 3, 2013 at 1:55 am   
Shannon the measuring tape paper is perfect for the edge to edge ribbon effect for the pattern! The Cornerstones resemble quilt blocks and are so in keeping with your sewing theme. Combining the two, sewing and scrapbooking, terrific! Sewing IS "sew" much fun...keep creating!
Posted By: Andrea Fisher  |  May 3, 2013 at 1:00 am   

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