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Yesterday morning I woke up quite tired and did not sleep well the night before. Had a hard time getting motivated. My Father in law came over when he was done voting so he could sit with the kids while I went. It was pretty crisp out and I almost hopped in the car to drive the three blocks to the school but I decided to walk instead. Was a nice little walk and the cold helped me wake up. I had did some reading online about the proposals so I had a cheat sheet in my pocket I reviewed on the way to the school. Then I felt quite happy that for one I was able to get out of bed, for two, I was able to walk to the school. Some people couldnt find something to eat that morning, some people may not of had a jacket to wear to keep warm from the crisp air. No matter who someone supports in the election I think it is great that people go vote. I was proud to be an American and proud to go give my selection with my vote. People risk their lives daily for many reasons and one is so that we can vote and have freedom. I hope to be able to influence my children that they should be proud to be an American and proud to be able to have choices and freedom.

Shared by Papatoland on November 7, 2012 | Memory Date: November 7, 2012
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