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Things you can and can not control!

So, work has been going through changes week in and week out since I have been there. Things we always different everyday when you came in. It was understandable because it was a new company and I was pretty much part of the startup for the mostpart. We have went back and forth with 12 hours to 8 hour days. We went through some time where our product had failed and we had a huge recall. Evryrone knew it was going to set us back a bit. We got switched to 8 hour days and completely quit running production. We would actually go to work and play cards or games on our phone the whole 8 hour shift. The first month we just cleaned everything very thouroughly. After that there was literally nothing to do. We would walk laps around the plant. At first we were all boggled that this could be going on at work but then actually started being a litttle fun. We played baseball with tape balls, football with caution tape as our flags. Was crazy! We had a couple weeks off around the holidays. We were paid to play games and paid for time off. It was nice to be home for the holidays and all but everytime we would go back we were sure that was the day we were getting laid off. Never happened. Then things started turning around and they started hiring a bunch of temps and we were running full force. Getting raises, promotions everything. Now one day a few weeks ago they laid all the temps off and the next day they announced that the company was filing for bankruptcy. The following week we got put back on 8 hour shifts and are back to cleaning and sitting around. There are a few different companies in the running for buying us but still not sure how that will turn out for us. Now they are talking about being shut down the week before and the week of Thanksgiving. Also, the week before, week after and week of Christmas. We would have to collect unemployment for those 5 weeks. I have never had to deal with unemployment but as the saying goes there is a first time for everything. I have been pretty stressed about it but I am trying to stay positive in thinking that whatever company takes us over would not make changes as low down as us. If they keep the plant open I am hoping they keep us and only make changes around the upper management and where they see poor work skills. I guess my point is why stress about it when there is absolutely noting I can do about it. The only things I can do I already do. Such as show up on time, give it my all and show dedication to my job and my work ethic. I am not a bragger but I am a great employee and I learn my job, do my job, and always think further than my job. I dont just walk in, punch the clock, punch the clock out and leave. Im sure these things will be noticed and if there is a possibility of the plant making it that I will be ok. My wife is very supportive in all of this and I am glad that she has the knowledge to make it work. We will be fine im sure but I still stress about it. I can't stop what is going to happen so I can only hope and pray for the best and wait to see. Just a terrible time of year for this to go on, not that any time of year is good for it. I am not complaining cause I know there are people out there that have had it way worse than I have or will if I do get laid off. It is just irritating that our minds can stress out and worry about things that we can not change or have no control over. I really hope I dont have to find a new job or once again be the "new guy" again. I wanna have a place I feel settled and not always waiting for whats going to happen next. Hopefully the company that gets us will be a better estblished place and everything thing will work out to be more stable or way better.

Shared by Papatoland on November 4, 2012 | Memory Date: November 4, 2012
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