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The Magic of Pumpkins

The Magic of Pumpkins

     I am not sure when my fascination of pumpkins really began, but I do remember my favorite part of the fairy tale, Cinderella, was how the pumpkin turned into a beautiful carriage. I was in awe of every pumpkin I saw after that. "Laughing"

      I never liked the jack-o-lanterns, with their faces carved into the pumpkins. I thought it disfigured them and took their real beauty away. Those gorgeous, mystical, bright orange pumpkins gave my imagination, as a child, the most wonderful stories my mind could conjure up. "Smile"

      When I was about seven years old, my great uncle introduced me to a very exciting lady. At that time in my life, I thought she was older than dirt! Now, that I have aged myself, I look back on those days and realize, she must have been in her her early sixties. She had long, salt and pepper hair, that flowed to her waist. She had a contagious smile and eyes, the color of a light blue sky. Her fingers were long and narrow and looked like they had spent many long hours digging in the earth. I thought, through the eyes of a child, she looked like a perfect witch! A nice witch. 

      She had a rather large, glassed in room, off the back of her house, where she entered it through the kitchen. She invited me into that room and I was memorized by what I saw. Pumpkins! Pumpkins were everywhere! There were some made out of wood, porcelain, clay and even paper. Not one of them had a jack-o-lantern face. Some had leaves protruding from their brown top stub. She had every size from a golf ball to a beach ball. It was amazing and I could have stayed out in that magical room ... forever!

      She gave me my first pumpkin. It was just a little bigger than a golf ball and sat in the center of my hand perfectly. It was bright orange with green lettering saying, "Follow Your Heart, Always." I cherished it and that lady who gave it to me. Whenever, I was worried about something, I would cup it in my hands, close my eyes and wondered, what was really within my heart. I even made a wish or two once in awhile. 

      To this day, I still love pumpkins. On occasion, I have received them as gifts from friends and I always jump for joy at the sight of them. They always remind me of Alice and my very first pumpkin she gave me, mixed with friendship and a shared love of pumpkins! 

Shared by Cindy Stangle on October 22, 2012 | Memory Date: October 22, 2012
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