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So-Called Best friend?

Sooo. a few days ago I hinted to my supposed to be best friend that I liked this certain boy. She now she talks to him in a "nasty" calls him baby and sexy. I'm just like O_O REALLY? That's not what a friend is supposed to do.  A friend is supposed to be like, "Want me to get yall together?" and i'm supposed to be like NOOO DUDE !! or something like that not what you do.. It's really starting to bug me so I wrote this in pages and entitled it: LETTER TO MY SO CALLED FRIEND.

you... are supposed to be my friend. like i feel like i can’t tell you anything anymore. i feel betrayed and let down...


I TOLD you I LIKED ___ then you go hug him and stuff. call him s e x y and WTF???? we gone end our friendship over a boy? that’s sad. i mean it ain’t even all got to do with that boy mane... there’s over 1000+ kids at THS and over a kabillion folks in the world and the person I say is my “baby daddy” you hug on him and stuff like really????? it’s nerve wracking. and if you think it’s alright then BYE NOW! don’t even read the rest because me and you should have never been friends. idk wtf. like this is so stupid to me. constantly day after day i’ve sat and watched you dance and stuff on him WTH? i cant tell you nothing !! and you aint got to worry about me telling you ANYTHING ELSE BECAUSE THIS IS THE END OF OUR SO CALLED FRIENDSHIP. I TELL YOU STUFF YOU DON’T EVEN LISTEN. YOU LET THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU (BOYS) CHANGE YOU. I AINT TRYNA IMPRESS OR CHANGE FOR NOBODY!!!! YOU’RE JUST WAY TO EXPLICIT FOR ME... IM NOT READY TO GROW UP YET. this isn’t the first time this has happened. i mean you’re supposed to be my friend i’m supposed to be able to tell you who i like. just because you’re a 304 and you talk to dudes older than you and you just go up to them and touch them and stuff. I DON’T DO THAT!!!! i’m sorry that’s not me.... I’ve not said something for too long.. you’re certainly not a good influence, and yet I still choose to hang with you..  even after you said you like girls! People called ME GAY! Just because I hang out with you! I AM NOTHING MORE THAN STRAIGHT! I AM A HETEROSEXUAL FEMALE! I just think we need some space. And from prior experiences I’ve learned once you leave a friendship there’s no going back to it... So I guess this is it... to our friendship. All of our experiences and stuff just gone down the drain because you DON’T LISTEN! Or is it that you DON’T want me to be happy... IDK? You tell me. I really don’t care tho. So YOU DO YOU and I AM GOING TO DO ME

Shared by Unluckyme on September 18, 2012 | Memory Date: September 17, 2012
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