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by Sarah Lewis
shared on 12/23/2011
I am thankful that I was recently able to meet Tami at the CKC convention in Seattle ...
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A Mother's Pride.
by Melissa Fulgham
shared on 06/09/2014
Our latestchallengewas to gather inspiration from Jane Austen's Pride andPrejudice. A...
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Sweet Corn - A Memor...
by Tami Potter
shared on 10/19/2012
What are the first five "sweet corn" thoughts that come to your mind? My List: 1. ...
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MMDT #21: The Scaven...
by Lori Hanson
shared on 11/07/2013
This challenge was the Design Team's Captain's Challenge. Andrea sent us on a scaveng...
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Draw Write Now
by Tami Potter
shared on 03/06/2012
When Cole started school I was a little concerned about how to get him to enjoy writi...
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Best Husband EVER!
by Tami Potter
shared on 02/07/2012
Some husbands bring their wives bouquets of flowers. My husband takes me to see the f...
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Granny's Gift
by Billi Glenn
shared on 10/21/2013
This project was for my granny. The poster sized Mosaic Moments collage features all ...
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Challenge #5 MMDT 20...
by Andrea Fisher
shared on 03/01/2013
It’s March…already! This 5th challenge features our 12”x 12&rdqu...
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Club Volleyball 2011...
by Billi Glenn
shared on 09/29/2012
This is a few of the pages I made that star my teen, Sammi, playing club volleyball d...
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MMDT Challenge #13: ...
by Heather Cartland
shared on 07/01/2013
Challenge #13 – JULY Feature Grid – SPRING GREEN POST WINDOW: July 1st...
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SPA-tacular 10th Bir...
by Tami Potter
shared on 03/24/2012
To celebrate her very first decade, Iplanned a spa themed party for Alexis. It was a ...
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Bey Warrior Bash
by Onwarrenwings
shared on 12/14/2013
We were the lucky recipients of a Bey Warrior Battle Bash from House Party. Korbin wa...
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Boys Night Out - A D...
by Parri Brunson
shared on 08/01/2011
Logan got a dirt bike for his birthday a couple years ago and loves riding the trai...
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by Diane Cook
shared on 05/07/2013
Our assignment was to convey a “forget-me-not” message; more specifically...
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Childhood Memories o...
by Tami Potter
shared on 07/04/2012
ChildhoodMemories of the 4th of July Things my family did to celebrate Independenc...
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Spring at Olbrich Bo...
by Heather Cartland
shared on 10/21/2012
page 2
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The Incredible Journey
by Nancy Sanders
shared on 02/11/2013
Our second assignment for February was to create a page inspired by a Disney movie. F...
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Challenge #11-2013 R...
by Andrea Fisher
shared on 06/04/2013
Summer is just around the corner and you’ll be taking lots of photos, why not c...
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Sea Life Park - Hawaii
by Lori Hanson
shared on 03/06/2014
For the first project of March, we were to use the techniques of photo bleed and over...
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Happy Birthday Card
by Sarah Lewis
shared on 11/19/2012
November's second Design Team challenge was to use the RTC paper for a project. I cho...
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by Donna Bossone
shared on 09/17/2012
NEW JERSEY DEVILS- ROCK YOUR RED was a fun and challenging page for me. First, th...
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August Design Team C...
by Deborah White
shared on 08/20/2012
This year's summer reading program at our local Library is called "Catch the 'Title' ...
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2012 MMDT August Cha...
by Andrea Fisher
shared on 08/07/2012
August Photo Challenge #1: Summer Stuff Take photos of the things that say "SUMMER" ...
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Gorgeous Green
by Linda Holmes
shared on 05/15/2012
I probably overthought this challenge, but I am quite pleased with the outcome. I cho...
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Fall Fun at the Beach
by Tina Catoe
shared on 10/27/2012
I went to visit my son and his family at their new home at the beach. South Carolina ...
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Cheston's Birthday
by Adria Tang
shared on 08/28/2011
Well we are finally getting settled here in Winston-Salem. We are enjoying our new wa...
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DT Challenge #10: Ye...
by Candy Spiegel
shared on 05/21/2013
Ask me what my favorite color is and I will tell you, "blue." But, a few years ago my...
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Only the Lilacs
by Candy Spiegel
shared on 06/15/2014
Our challenge this time was to work with black and white photos. We were also asked t...
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Granny's 90th Birthd...
by Billi Glenn
shared on 04/10/2013
Granny's 90th Birthday party... My aunt Donna planned, prepared, and delegated tasks....
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Halloween Soccer Party
by Paije Abplanalp
shared on 08/24/2011
Oh what a night!!! Stacy hosted a Halloween party for our ladies' soccer team, I shou...
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Cats in Hats!
by Nancy Sanders
shared on 01/13/2013
I love to look at all the crazy pictures of cats on the Internet. I save my favorites...
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by Lori Hanson
shared on 08/10/2014
The inspiration for this month's first project was "Treasure Island". I have to admit...
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The start of college...
by Brett Palmer
shared on 08/29/2011
I saw this picture the other day on, a byu fan message board and coul...
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MMDT8 - Celebrating ...
by Diane Cook
shared on 04/23/2013
I briefly puzzled over our pop culture of the year/decade in which we were born topic...
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Monsters in the Hous...
by Billi Glenn
shared on 02/10/2013
Here I made an additional page for the Mosaic Moments Design Team Challenge #3. I thi...
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Sunset over the Paci...
by Tonnya Sayah
shared on 09/19/2012
Growing up on the East coast I have always had the opportunity to see the sun rise ov...
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Nature Study in Blac...
by Lori Hanson
shared on 06/22/2014
If you saw my projects last year, you will know that I love black and white! Ansel Ad...
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Pacific Coast Surprise
by Tami Potter
shared on 07/09/2012
The journaling (above) reads: While we were visiting California, Tami wanted to see ...
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by Lori Hanson
shared on 02/22/2014
For the second February MMDT challenge, we were to take our inspiration from a Grimm ...
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A Few of My Favorite...
by Julie Oconnor
shared on 12/08/2013
MMDT Challenge #23 we were to make a mini album or explosion box. I've been pondering...
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by Lori Hanson
shared on 03/06/2013
For this latest challenge, we were to use the BAMBOO grid paper and Page Pattern numb...
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by Beth Glass
shared on 02/11/2012
A day in the Bahamas! .
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Whirling Bros Circus
by Julie Oconnor
shared on 09/08/2013
On Monday we went to the circus at the local fair grounds in Hillsboro, MO. Our son a...
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2013 Design Team Cha...
by Shannon Nixson
shared on 01/01/2013
Things... doing besides scrapbooking. Hi! I'm Shannon, thank you for stopping by ...
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Fairy Tale Pirate Ship
by Janetimmekus
shared on 02/11/2014
Seeing the Tall Ships transforms one back to the days of Swashbuckling Pirates and th...
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